The Details about Yerf Dog Go-Kart 3203 Parts

In this article, we are going to talk about Yerf Dog go-karts specifically the model 3202. Which is quite popular among many users all across the globe. Since its initial stage back in 1996. Yerf Dog go-karts we quite popular with more than 1 million satisfied customers only in North America and its unit being sold accumulated over 20 million.

Yerf Dog go-karts comprise a seating capacity of one driver and a passenger. Their concise and compact size makes them popular with young adults and children who enjoy off-road go-karting with some company besides them.

Yerf Dog Go Kart 3203

Consisting of a three-point safety harness for added protection for both the occupants of the Yerf Dog go-kart and a basic suspension system for an added smooth drive.

The seats of Yerf Dog 3203 come with an installed padded seat. Some additional features include a flag, storage rack, padded roll cage, and a racing decal.

If you are looking for a best performance race kart under a very affordable budget, with amazing safety features, and a partner to enjoy with then this go-kart is a gem piece for you.

Performance of Yerf Dog 3203 (Engine and Torque Converter)

If you are looking for performance details of Yerf Dog 3203
go-kart you have come to the right place. It comes with a
6.5 HP Tecumseh® engine, which is known for its power
and durability during tough situations, giving its driver a
kick of power and boost.

The image displayed shows the torque convertor
components of Yerf Dog 3203, which is totally automatic
and requires no manual shifting and lets you enjoy a
the smooth lasting enjoyable ride even on off-road terrains.

Yerf Dog Engine and Torque Converter

One of the Highest Quality and best performance Torque convertors by Blast Led Manufacturer. With a weight of only 15 pounds and a dimension size of 14x10x10 inches making it is compact less weighted, and easy to install. For those considering buying, it has OEM part number HF-212-TC.

The Torque converter consists of a 1x Driver belt, 1x plastic cover, 1x ¾’ driver pulley, 1x aluminum mounting plate, 1x 12 tooth sprocket for 35# chain, 1x 10 tooth sprocket for 40/41# chain, and 1x mounting hardware kit.

The overall performance of the Yerf Dog go-kart is mentioned below:

  • 6.5 HP Tecumseh® engine: A kick of power and durability, Engine performance is high quality.
  • Torque Converter: A fully automated shifting capacity with a smooth and reliable drive.
  • Full Suspension: A complete set of shocks for the go-kart which makes handling improved at a great rate.
  • Reinforced tie-rod steering: A precise steering assembly for turning at enhanced smoothness and durability.
  • Super turf-tec tire tread: For smooth traction and perfect cornering.
  • Maximum speed capacity: A maximum speed capacity of 30 to 34 MPH.
  • Made: Quality parts installed and manufactured in the USA.

Can the engine be upgraded?

One can easily upgrade the engine of a Yerf Dog go-kart. But some attention needs to have pertained specifically to engine dimensions and a little modification to the base, sprockets, etc.

Hence you need to make sure that if you are looking to buy a new engine or looking to replace an existing one, make sure that it has a similar dimension size.

Things/parts that need to be wary of (engine)

  • Mounting Pattern
  • Physical dimensions
  • Crankshaft dimensions
  • Weight

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Wheel Bearing

The Yerf Dog go-kart 3203 uses a wheel bearing of size 55mm (Outer Diameter) x 35mm (Inner Diameter) x 10mm thickness.

Below is the following specification of wheel bearing:

  • Brand: VXB
  • Material: Chromium Steel
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Measurement System: Inches
  • Lubricant Type: Grease
Yerf Dog Wheel Bearing

This wheel bearing is compatible with the rear braking system in Yerf Dog 3202 go-karts. Is one of the best methods to reduce rotational frictional force and support radial-axial loads.

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Chain Size

If you are looking for chain size details for your go-kart 3203. Below table consists of chain size, a number of links, and the corresponding part number for your ease.

Brand Name Model Number Chain Size Links Part Number
Yerf Dog 3203 40 70 00994

Most of the Yerf Dog go-karts have a chain size of either 40# or 530#. So, you need to be vigilant about what chain size you are buying considering your Yerf go-kart.

Since each chain size has a different measurement. Links also indicate the number of different joints a chain has. Please take note that chain size 40# comes in different link sizes.

Which are either 70 or 66 link versions so you need to be considerate of that as well. Yerf go-kart 3203 comes with a 70-link version.

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Tire Size

Whether you are buying Yerf Dog go-kart tires or are looking to replace an existing one, this guide you regarding all the necessary information which will make the experience a pleasant and data-driven one.

Below is a table list for front and rear list specifications for the Yerf go-kart so that it can be more easily readable and understandable for my readers. Hence making your buying decision more knowledgeable.

Brand Name Model Number Front Tires Rear Tires
Yerf Dog 3203 15×6.00 – 6 20×10.00 – 8

The table provides a benchmark for your reference for the tire size of the Yerf Dog go-kart 3203. So that when you want to replace the tires after using the go-kart for some time you can easily refer to the exact size of tires as mentioned in the table.

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Axle

This information was solely gained from a lot of research work and manuals from different sources and will provide you a great knowledge for buying or replacing axle for go-kart 3203.

Below is a table that includes the brand name of the go-kart, its axle size (including both diameter and length), and part number, hence obtaining a better visual and readable ease for my readers, making sure that they have all the necessary knowledge for replacing the axle.

Brand Name Model Number Part Number Axle Diameter Axle Length
Yerf Dog 3203 01132 1’ 39-1/2’

Most of the Yerf Dog go-karts have an axle diameter of 1’. One of the most parts when replacing an axle would be keeping the axle diameter the same. As it needs to be incompatible with pillow blocks and bearings.

Axle Length is the measurement from one end to another. One of the technical aspects when replacing an axle is that you usually go for a longer one and not the shorter one due to the frame being in the way.

So please be considerate of the fact that when replacing an axle and you can’t find the exact same axle length then always opt for a slightly bigger one.

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Belt Size

The Belt can easily be purchased from Amazon or eBay. But some consideration needs to be made including belt model, top width, and circumference.

Hence for my reader’s ease table has been created which shows a list of all the specifications for the belt size of the Yerf Dog go-kart 3203.

Which includes, Belt make, Belt model, Part Number, Width, and circumference of the belt.

Model Name Belt Make Belt Model Part No. Top Width Outer Circumference
Yerf Dog 3203 Comet 30 Series 203589A ¾” 27-3/8”

The distance between the top two outer sides of the belt depends on the type of torque converter your go-kart is running on.

An optimal outer circumference is also a necessity in Yerf Dog so that your go-kart can function smoothly. It is the measure of circumference on the outer layer of the belt.

Yerf Dog Go-kart 3203 Brake System

Yerf Dog 3203 comes with a hydraulic braking system. Making it efficient and one of the most widely used braking systems.

This Hydraulic system is the most used braking system in Go-karts because of its effectiveness and reduced complexity, leading to an overall reduction in the weight of go-karts.

Go-kart 3203 comes with Drum and Band brakes. Both are an embodiment of the latest technology making them safe, and secure. Making the braking system a reliable force to stop your go-kart in an instance.

Both brakes work excellently even during rainy conditions and make your go-kart 3203 a safe ride to drive.

Are Yerf Dog go-karts still being manufactured?

The production of Yerf dog by the motor drive division of FF Acquisition Corp. Closed their operation and production of the Yerf Dog go-karts and most of their inventory and parts were auctioned off back in 2005.

Which was acquired by BMI karts is solely another entity that has committed to supplying quality OEM parts to its customers ever since.

Since Yerf Dog go-karts are no longer in production. You should spend a considerable time checking the go-kart including its condition, market value, modification, ride quality, and parts availability.

Most Yerf Dog go-karts are used and need a full check before buying. The things you should consider before buying are:

  • Engine
  • Torque convertor
  • Axle
  • Chain size
  • Tire Size
  • Belt size
  • Safety features
  • Roll cage
  • Seats

Pay most attention to these parts when buying a Yerf Dog go-kart as there will be a good chance that some parts may be worn out due to being used for a couple of years.

Final Verdict

We looked at various aspects when considering buying a go-kart Yerf Dog 3203. We talked about axle size, belt size, tire size, engine type, specification, and torque converter.

Yerf Dog 3203 is known for its comfort and convenience having a vehicle measurement of Height 61″x Width 44″x Length 87″ at 308lbs. Which can easily be fitted into a truck if you are relocating to another area.

The Yerf Dog 3203 has one of the best performance engines and knacks a punch when driving, it’s a recommended go-kart who would to have fun and enjoy the ride.

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