Can Pregnant Women Ride Go Karts?

Go-Karting is a sport enjoyed by everyone previously, which is considered a male-dominated activity, but the perspective has recently changed. The last decade has seen considerable growth in women participating in Motorsport, and the exponential rise of women has raised some interesting questions concerning Go-Karting.

One common question is can Women ride Go-Karts when pregnant? The simple answer to that it’s not recommended, while there are some arguments for early pregnancy.

The risk factor is still too high; better safe than sorry. Although Go-Karting is a thrilling sport, and everyone should enjoy it, certain boundaries should be kept concerning health.

Can Pregnant Women Ride Go Karts

The early stage of pregnancy is relatively safe for Go-Karting unless a dangerous accident occurs, which is highly unlikely. The first few weeks from the six weeks to 12 weeks period are safe as miscarriage is doubtful.

Still, this will be at your own risk and is not advisable. After the 12th week and later, the chance of a significant health issue increases exponentially. We will dive deep into this article.

Risks of driving go karts when pregnant

Go-Karting is a Motorsport that involved high-speed vehicles turning and drifting on the track; accidents are bound to happen with the barrier or collisions with other karts. Despite the safety gear, kart drivers can get severe injuries in accidents.

Accidents in Go-Karts can lead to placental abruption or miscarriage for a pregnant woman in the worst-case scenario. Multiple causes can lead to injuries.

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Collisions of go karts

Physical contact between Go-Karts is a joint event; go-karting is a competitive Motorsport, and drivers tend to overtake at little moments, causing accidents even if you are driving carefully while pregnant other drivers will try to aggressively overtake as they may not be aware of the situation, which may lead to an accident.

Go karting bumpy roads

Go-Kart tracks are often bumpy and uncomfortable for drivers; additionally, many tracks have challenges such as dirt tracks, steep turns, and rugged roads to provide more entertainment for the drivers.

This rough terrain can often lead to stress and fatigue for a pregnant woman; because of the constant bumpy track, the woman may feel nausea. Off-road Go-karting is strictly not recommended because the dangers are increased dramatically while off-roading.

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Go karts have no suspension

The karts are designed to be lightweight and fast; hence, they are not equipped with suspensions to reduce weight. This leads to a rugged drive as the karts can’t absorb bumps on the road, and you can feel uneven movement.

Although the pelvis, abdominal muscle, and amniotic fluid surrounding the baby still create great cushioning, the rugged ride may lead to fatigue for the pregnant woman.

Engine fumes create problems

Most indoor Go-karts facilities have petrol engines; they give off fumes and smoke while running. This can cause difficulty breathing, especially for pregnant women. The lack of oxygen with fumes and overcrowded atmosphere can cause asthma attacks in severe cases.

Indoor Go-Kart rides while pregnant should be considered with facilities operating electric karts. The karts don’t give out fumes and are safe for the environment.

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The kart can turn over

The balance on a Go-Kart is not outstanding. There is a chance for it to flip over; the driver may get flung out of the Kart. There are no seatbelts in some karts, and because of the less safety equipment, this can cause a great deal of damage.

Even seatbelts cannot fully protect the driver if the Kart is flipped over. The risk is too high, and better to avoid unnecessary accidents with a pregnant woman on the Kart.

Cannot control other drivers

Others can’t be controlled. While driving carefully and steadily, other drivers can be reckless. Go-karting includes risky overtakes, and the probability of an inexperienced driver crashing into your Kart is high; hence there is a risk of injury for the pregnant woman and the child.

Other drivers will not know your situation and take advantage of every corner to overtake to gain a competitive edge on the track.

Precautions to take before Karting

Precaution is necessary for everyone, especially pregnant women; go-karting can sometimes be beneficial, providing an excellent time to keep their minds away from all the stress.

Women can enjoy Karting with customized safety gear to give the extra protection needed while pregnant. Before driving, women should check their appropriate equipment, such as helmets, elbow and knee guards, and seatbelts, and consult the doctor during their pregnancy stage beforehand to avoid any mishap.

Once again, this will be at your own risk and is certainly not recommended at later stages of pregnancy.


With all the safety concerns in mind, I hope you have realized the potential threat of driving Go-Karts while pregnant. It’s simply not worth the risk and advisable to wait until you are healthy after giving birth in the future.

Although driving Go-Karts while pregnant in the early stages can be done, it’s still not advisable. The thrill of Go-karting is an experience of its own but too big of a risk to take and can be kept waiting for a few months.

Your health and the baby’s safety are above all else; pregnancy can be identified within the first 4-6 weeks; you shouldn’t stress the body after that stage. Take care of the baby, and after that, enjoy the Karts on track.

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