Top 10 Best Off Road Go Karts Kids & Adults For 2024

Go-karting is an extremely fun sport by itself. But if it’s off-road, it adds a new dimension. Driving on different terrains, such as mud, sand, rocks, and anything except the paved road is nothing less than an exhilarating experience.

However, racing on an uneven surface is dangerous, no matter how much it rushes your adrenaline.

Therefore, look for the best off-road go-karts if you want to stay safe even in the most unsafe situations, such as go-karting on muddy terrain. If you have no clue about it, I have a small buying guide at the end of this article. Before that, you and I will be going to review my selections concisely.

Best Off Road Go Karts

In this section, I’ve reviewed 10 off-road go-karts that I personally prefer:

Berg Pedal Kart Buzzy Jeep Sahara Youth Off-Road Go Kart

Berg Pedal Kart Buzzy Jeep Sahara Youth Off-Road Go Kart

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • EVA Tires that don’t go flat
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel
  • Steering and pedal are separate
  • Forward and backward movability

We’re going to start with the simplest type of go-kart. Yes, the pedal go-karts powered by your own two feet!

As the name suggests, it’s like a bicycle. Only, it has 4 wheels instead of two. And unlike the other three-wheeled go-karts, this is a much better design for kids. Personally, 4-wheelers are always the safer option.

Now, we adults can handle discomfort a bit. But kids need comfort and safety. The design of the seat and the steering handle is properly ergonomic. It ensures that the body doesn’t stay in an unnatural position.

Both the seat and the handle’s height can be adjusted with a simple motion. It allows kids of different ages to use it. And that means you don’t have to buy a kart every time your kids grow an inch or two.

And by the way, the tires on this kart? It’s made to “Not go flat” ever.

With all things considered, this Berg Pedal Kart Buzzy is the best off-road go-kart for kids in my opinion. Especially The company is small but they’re focused on making good products.

Things I like about the Go Kart

  • Attractive Jeep Design
  • 4 wheels provide more stability
  • Adjustable steering height and kart length
  • Less risk of accidents as it’s manually driven
  • Comfortable seat

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • No brake

Coleman Powersports 98cc Kids Off Road Go Kart

Coleman Powersports 98cc Kids Off Road Go Kart

Key Features

  • Powerful 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 150lbs weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty tubular steel
  • 3.0hp engine

The second go-kart on my list reminded me of Mad Max Fury. The overall theme clicked my interest, and I know it will attract your attention. This Coleman Powersports go-kart is a kid’s bike geared toward older kids.

Remember! Driving this go-kart requires a helmet at all times. It has a full-blown engine with 4 strokes and 1 cylinder. Not to dwell on the technicalities, but the 3.0hp automatic engine in it is powerful enough to run a motorbike.

Along with plenty of fuel power, you’re getting a nice pull system for easy starts. To top it off, the CVT torque converter system makes the best use of your fuel.

The whole body is made from high-tensile tubular steel. These are 16 and 13-gauge steel tubes which gave it a sizeable weight capacity of 150lbs.

Let’s talk safety. The seat on this kart is like a cradle holding you in like a baby, and the seatbelt is there to keep you seated and not become a bazooka. The brakes are hydraulic disk brakes, yes, just like a bike. It will stop you quickly and safely.

Things I like about the Go Kart:

  • 13 and 16-gauge steel tubes make a robust build
  • Bolstered seat handles the roughness of the surface better
  • Low pressure for smoother rides
  • Engine powerful enough to run a full-sized bike
  • A kill switch for instant power off

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart:

  • Fuel can be costly

Massimo GKM 125cc Off Road Go Kart Buggy

Massimo GKM 200cc Off Road Go Kart Buggy

Key Features

  • Speed governor
  • Adjustable seat
  • Two-seater kart for child and guardian
  • Reinforced steel
  • 125cc engine

If you have been looking for a two-seater go-kart, you can stop looking. This Massimo GKM go-kart is one of the best two-seater go-karts in the market. Being geared towards both kids and young adults, this has undying popularity.

When you see the go-kart, it’s common to think, “is this really necessary?”. If you are interested in participating in amateur go-kart racing on rough terrains, this could be a way to get into it.

Apart from the wheels, every part of this go-kart is made from steel. The steel tubes used for the frames have high tensile strength. Even the safety guards on both sides is made of metal. You want to survive in the race, don’t you?

With all of these backing its strength, it can pull 507lbs of load and still maintain a respectable top speed of 20mph. This Baja Buggy is known to run at 30mph speed when the situation favors it i.e. smooth surface and less load.

Things I like about the Go Kart:

  • The powerful engine can pull heavy users
  • 2 seats make it suitable for both competitive sports and family entertainment
  • Low-pressure tires provide smoother rides
  • It comes assembled so less of hassle for us
  • Aerodynamic fork for less drag i.e. better speed

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart:

  • It’s pretty heavy
  • Fuel consumption could be a concern

Razor Dune Buggy Off-Road Electric Go-Kart For Adults

Razor Dune Buggy Off-Road Electric Go-Kart For Adults

Key Features

  • Tubular steel body
  • 350-watt motor
  • Top speed reaches up to 9mph
  • Designed for 8-year-old kids or older
  • 80 pounds

This is a simpler style of kids’ electric go-kart. Maybe this will clique your interest more than the advanced and complex go-karts like the two above. If you loved the Berg Buggy kart, this is the same but better.

The Razor Dune Buggy kart comes with a 350-watt electric motor. It’s powerful enough to push a kart weighing 80 pounds and a user of a maximum of 120 pounds. Keeping all that in mind, I think it’s competent enough to handle your kid until they go into the double-digit age.

This motor can pull your kart and give it enough juice to reach 9mph top speed. I loved the thumb trigger acceleration control. While it doesn’t have too much speed, the hand-operated rear disc brake is quite handy.

It’s fitting that this small but powerful kart should have a solid body. With a frame made with tubular stainless steel, it’s strong enough to endure the force of impact from crashing into walls.

Since it runs on battery, it’s good to keep a check on it once in a while. It does take almost half a day to charge up with only 40 minutes of runtime.

Things I like about the Go Kart:

  • Durable tubular steel body
  • It includes a strong seat belt for safety
  • Manual brakes for reliable stopping
  • Pneumatic tires for better stability
  • Comfortable seat

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart:

  • Battery runtime isn’t too long
  • No adjustability

Coleman Powersports 2 Seater Off Road Go Kart

Coleman Powersports 2 Seater Off Road Go Kart

Key Features

  • 4-stroke 196cc engine
  • Kill switch
  • 5 horsepower
  • Easy pull start
  • Heavy-duty metal frame

If you loved the previous Coleman Powersports go kart but looking for a two-seater, this Coleman model is exactly what you’re looking for. With two comfortable seats and ample space, you’ll be comfortable enough to go karting on it.

And as always, the best part about Coleman Powersports go-karts is their engine. Similar to the first Coleman kart, this one also comes with a powerful engine, but everything’s double. It’s a 4-stroke 1-cylinder 196cc engine resulting in 5 horsepower.

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With all that firepower, you can achieve a top speed of 15mph. I know that’s lower than the previous smaller model. But you have to consider the total weight it can pull.

For safety, you have a one-switch kill system to instantly stop the kart. And the hydraulic disc brake is something you can always trust for stopping when you need it.

There’s more. The 4-point safety harness will keep you seated in the padded seat safely behind the wheel, even during major hiccups.

Things I like about the Go Kart

  • A load capacity of 400 pounds means it can handle a larger adult
  • Two seats for group fun
  • Hydraulic brake for reliable stops
  • Low-pressure tires are ideal for rough terrain
  • 15mph top speed

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • Fuel efficiency is a bit concerning

FIT Right Baja-X Electric Go Kart for Adults Off-Road

FIT Right Baja-X Electric Go Kart for Adults Off-Road

Key Features

  • High tensile strength tubular steel
  • 20 mph top speed
  • 3 Speed levels: 13, 16, and 18mph
  • Parental control
  • 48V 1000W brushless motor

If the top speeds of the above go-karts aren’t enough for you, you may want to take a look at the Baja-X go-kart from Fit Right. It’s one of the better go-karts for this age (12+) category, especially considering the price.

This Fit Right Baja-X go-kart can go up to 20 miles per hour which is one of the fastest in its price category. All this is possible thanks to the 1000-watt brushless motor. It’s powered by a 48V battery.

The next concern is about the body. If you look at the frame, robust would be the first adjective you use. With a tubular steel frame and a rugged design, it’s perfectly fitting for a 20mph go-kart.

The powerful motor is perfect for a robust body. It can pull its weight and leave some room for pulling a user weighing a maximum of 175lbs.

There are 3-speed settings to choose from. And if you’re a parent, you have the option to lock on to a speed so that your kids don’t crash into the house or something else.

Things I like about the Go Kart:

  • Long runtime of 3 hours
  • Speed locking mechanism for safe go karting
  • Pneumatic tires handle uneven surfaces well
  • Tubular steel alloy body provides high durability
  • A weight capacity of 175lbs

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • No suspension system
  • Costly

Mud Monster 98cc 4-Stroke Kids Off-Road Go Kart

Mud Monster 98cc 4-Stroke Kids Off-Road Go Kart

Key Features

  • Small and compact
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Gas Powered
  • Large leg room
  • 25mph top speed

At number 7, we have a super cute go-kart from the brand MotoTec. It’s known for its awesome designs and compact karts. From the outside, it looks nothing more than a toy kart. But you’ll be surprised.

Unlike the Coleman Powersports, they didn’t use a chunky frame to house the seat and the engine. It uses 2/3rd of the space but contains the same engine, and that’s the 4-stroke and 1-cylinder engine. However, it has 2.5hp, whereas the Coleman alternative has 3hp.

The whole body is made from chunks of alloy steel to give it the best possible durability at this price range. It’s one of the best off-road go-karts. And it’s fast at 25mph. Don’t forget to wear a helmet when you’re on this kart, because it’s fast.

Now, being a small and compact go-kart comes with its own challenges. You have to assemble the kart by yourself, unlike the pre-assembled factory-made go-karts like some of the above. It also doesn’t come with an assembly kit.

Its compact size and top-of-the-line aerodynamics make it one of the best racing off-road go-karts in the market.

Things I like about the Go Kart:

  • The suspension system makes rides smoother
  • Small and compact
  • The design aesthetics are professional
  • A powerful engine can pull well in mud
  • Perfect tires for muddy terrain
  • Good top speed for amateur and semi-professional sports

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart:

  • No splash protection
  • It doesn’t come assembled

Family GK110 Youth Off-Road Go Kart

Family GK110 Youth Off-Road Go Kart

Key Features

  • Four-stroke engine
  • D-N-R automatic and reverse
  • 1-gallon fuel capacity
  • Parental remote control
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

If you have a two-seater go-kart, it means there’s going to be lots of family fun. This off-road go-kart is made by a brand that specializes in manufacturing family-oriented sports entertainment.

The FamilyGoKarts GK110 go-kart is comparatively lightweight at 348 pounds. Keeping up with the standard industry practice, it has alloy steel as the base material and PU leather for the seat. In terms of durability, you can’t expect more at this price.

It has a good level of adjustability that makes it accessible to a wide range of users. The pedal distance can be changed from 27.5-31 inches. However, the seats are not separate from the Coleman Powersports.

Now, what pulls the kart through the road? It has a 4-stroke engine with automatic transmission. The Engine gear DNR allows automatic reverse driving as well.

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Along with the existing safety features, it also comes with a remote control to manage the speed and direction.

This is the best alternative to the premium sports options in this category. If you’re looking for a family go-kart, we can safely regard it as the best 2-seater off-road go-kart.

Things I like about the Go Kart

  • No assembly required
  • Full automatic transmission for worry-free rides
  • Robust steel tube frame
  • Large all-terrain tires for all-weather performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Parental remote control provides safety

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • The green color is off-putting
  • Joint seats

Scooter X 6.5hp Gas Engine Off Road Go kart

Scooter X 6.5hp Gas Engine Off Road Go kart

Key Features

  • 6.5 horsepower
  • 40-45mph top speed
  • Pull start cord
  • It weighs only 177 pounds
  • All-terrain tires

This go-kart from ScooterX is in a completely different genre compared to the above 8 off-road go-karts. From frame design to engine power, it’s a bit “advanced.” If you’re looking for adventure, this would be your go-kart.

I loved all the auxiliary features of this go-kart. The all-black theme and the sleek steering handle scream adventure at you.

The difference between this and other go-karts is obvious. It has an almost non-existent frame as evident from its weight. Although the frame is made of steel alloy tubes, it’s less than half the weight of its full-bodied cousins. But there is no doubt about durability.

But, I’d be wary of it since it can be really dangerous as there is less protection. You’d have to wear a helmet and pads all over your body if you want to take a ride on it.

And, there’s the seat. It looks uncomfortable and doesn’t feel as good as the karts such as FamilyGoKart or Coleman Powersports.

Where it shines is the engine department. With a 196cc 4 stroke engine and small body, it gets a whopping 6.5hp.

Things I like about the Go Kart

  • The powerful engine achieves high top speeds
  • All-terrain tires run on any surface
  • Easy operation
  • Good suspension for smoother rides
  • Lightweight

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • Less protection due to incomplete frame
  • The seat is less comfortable

X-PRO 125cc Off-Road 2 Seater Go Kart With Roof

X-PRO 125cc Off-Road 2 Seater Go Kart With Roof

Key Features

  • Large vehicle
  • 8 horsepower
  • Suspensions in front and rear
  • Large tires
  • Zongshen 125cc engine

We’re ending with an off-the-radar go-kart from a relatively lesser-known brand, the X-Pro. Everything about this go-kart is “big.” This would be something to consider if you want a comfortable ride in not so “a high-performance” off-road go-kart.

Like the monster strucks, this is a monster go-kart. Compared to the normal-sized ones, this X-Pro go-kart is noticeably big. It’s almost double the size. It has a full-size chamber to sit in and drive as you do in a golf cart. With two full seats, adults of any age should feel comfy.

Furthermore, it has hydraulic spring absorber suspensions for both front and rear axles.

It also has larger than normal tires with 19-inch front and 18-inch rear tires. These tires make rides feel more stable, which means more comfort in rough terrain. If you tweak the tire pressure, you could gain more comfort.

Now, the part where it isn’t big compared to similar go-karts is the engine. Instead of a 196cc engine, it has the Zongshen 125cc engine. It’s not too small either. It has enough power (almost 8hp) to pull the large vehicle and two adults at 35mph top speed.

However, the weight capacity is 350lbs; I think it should have been more.

It’s certainly among one of the best off-road two-seater go-karts available in the market. Only a few tweaks could become the market favorite.

Things I like about the Go Kart

  • A powerful engine can pull the kart at 35mph speed
  • Comfortable seats
  • Sufficient safety features
  • 7L fuel capacity for longer rides
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers and brakes for soft landings and safe stops

Things I don’t like about the Go Kart

  • It will be harder to control due to the large size
  • The weight capacity could have been more

Things to Consider Before Buying

This is an off-road go-kart buying guide for those who are new to the game and don’t understand what features to get and what to avoid. Here are a few points to keep in mind before purchasing a go-kart.

Who should buy an off-road go-kart?

The first thing to check off is whether or not you need an off-road go-kart. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and wants to go driving on such terrain, it could be a good place to start.

While go-karts aren’t the ideal mode of learning how to drive, they could be a good training session for attempting a driving license test.

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The uneven surface and less stability than cars will definitely make you more aware of your surroundings.

Who shouldn’t buy an off-road go-kart?

Anybody who doesn’t want to face the tough conditions of off-road driving should not waste their money on such a kart. It always has a dangerous element to it, even with safety gear.

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What to Look For in A Go-kart?

You should look for the following things in a go kart.

Build Quality

In terms of a go-kart’s quality, it’s determined by the material used to build the frame. No sacrifice can be made in this feature. Alloy steel is the standard. And choose a full-size frame unless you want an incomplete frame.

Source of Power

There are go-karts powered by pedals, some powered by battery, and others powered by fuel.

While they are all perfect for their own category, each type has advantages and disadvantages. Pedaling doesn’t cost much except energy and time, while fuel and battery get depleted.

Usually, the engine/fuel-powered go-karts perform the best. Electric battery go-karts are best for amateur go-karting.

Top Speed

This is directly related to the question of power. If your kart has a powerful engine, it’s going to have the highest top speed compared to the battery and pedal-powered go-kart.

It’s not a question of quality; rather, it’s all about preference.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a concern because people of the same height could weigh significantly differently. If the number of users is limited, it’s easy to find a sweet spot. However, if there are multiple users, you have to choose a premium go kart to accommodate it.

Seating Capacity

Some karts can handle 1 person, and others come with seating arrangements for two. Choose either one depending on what you need. For family purposes, it’s always better to take a two-seater one for group fun.

Safety Features

This is a given. Every go kart comes with a set of standard safety features like seat belts, helmets, and speed control. Some family-oriented people will prefer those with parental control features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best go-kart to buy?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a family go-kart, I will put the Family GoKart go-kart on top.

The Berg Buggy Sahara will be a perfect buy if you’re looking for a pedal-powered off-road go-kart. Otherwise, the Coleman Powersports or Massimo GKM 200cc go-karts are beasts by their own performance.

How much is an off-road go-kart?

The price for an off-road go-kart has a big range. You could find cheap kids off-road go-karts for less than $500, and you’ll also have to pay $2000 or more for more professional go-kart models.

Are electric go-karts unsafe?

No, electric go-karts are completely safe as long as you don’t let the battery die out and puff up. You also have to keep away from the water to get inside. Otherwise, there is no difference with a gas-powered go-kart.

Can go-karting be done in the rain?

Of course, go-karting can be done in the rain. The ability of a go kart stays unaffected under heavy rain. It’s made to drive on muddy and rocky terrain with its absorber suspensions.

So, no, the karts don’t become slow in wet weather.

How fast is an off-road go-kart?

The top speed of any go-kart depends on the total load on the kart. For a professional off-road kart, it’s between 30-45mph. For the amateur category, it can be as low as 15 mph.

What is off-road go-kart called?

Off-road go-karts are also known as buggies or Dune buggies, where the Razor Dune Buggy name came from.

Final Words

I hope this list of best off-road go-karts helped you to reach a decision. I have demonstrated and mentioned the fundamental differences between each of the go-karts. Make sure you buy a go-kart based on your need rather than looking at gimmicky features.

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