Best Go Kart Under 1000 Dollars: Top 12 Picks

It seems like you have reckoned the joy and fun of go-karts, but you simply can’t go and get a go-kart just like that.

Most of the issues many people face with go-karts are lack of quality, durability, and even comfort. However, if all these stay in order, the go-kart price might upset your pocket!

So, to aid you with all these issues, our experts have gone through hundreds of products and have shortlisted the 12 best budget-friendly go-karts for you. These karts are the best in quality, structure, and materials and are under 1000 dollars!

Therefore, if you want to make your ideal pick, our best go-kart for under 1000 dollars will surely come in handy. So, without further ado, let’s binge on!

Best Go Kart Under 100 to 1000 Dollars

Here in this section, we’ve brought you the 12 top go-kart picks that can surely make a difference in your overall riding experience. Our experts choose all these, and these also have astounding user reviews. So, don’t miss any of them!

Kinsuite Yellow Go Kart (Under $60)

This one is not necessarily the cheapest type. Since it has no advanced features and gears, the price is pretty justified.

This light go-kart can be very easy to move. Moreover, they have durable materials that are specially built for new go-kart riders. So, if your child isn’t an expert, then this is a must-to-have for them!

Key Features

  • It has a stainless steel body frame with a combination of polypropylene plastic, making it lightweight
  • The overall body weight and structure ensure low momentum. So, the body gets less impact if it collides
  • Easy to carry from one place to another

Things We Love About This Go Kart

This go-kart doesn’t require any power like a battery. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about charging this again and again. Moreover, it doesn’t come with gears, so you won’t have to take the challenge of maintaining them. This is also a great pick due to its adjustable and comfortable seat. If you like electric go kart we think this article help you.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

You would not be able to speed up the go-kart after a point. Moreover, it might not even withstand heavy drivers (since it’s designed mostly for kids).


So, if you want a safe, comfortable, and not too-speedy go-kart for your children, this can be an ideal pick.

Kinfant Kids Pedal Go Kart (Under $100)

This go-kart, without question, is an astounding product you can go with. It’s entirely designed with durable, non-toxic Polypropylene plastic (so there are no chances of the design getting ruined easily).

That’s not all; you can even easily adjust the seat according to the height. And as far as the comfort is concerned, this kart is indeed remarkable.

Key Features

  • The polypropylene plastic cover ensures the weight of this go-kart remains light
  • It has no gears and is pretty easy to operate
  • No power with this go-kart. So, there is no concern about a battery or gear in this go-kart

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Things We Love About This Go Kart

You can move this go-kart pretty easily as they are light. Moreover, no significant impact takes place if there is a collision. So, this would be great for your kids. Since it’s also pretty easy to operate, it won’t be a hassle for your kids.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

It’s a big no-no to put any heavy weight on this go-kart. Plus, driving it too long can highly tire your kids (as there’s no power source to run the kart).


In a nutshell, this product is sure to get! The lightweight and easy-to-operate features make it an ideal pick for your kids.

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart (Under $150)

Hauck produces this striking go-kart for under $150. The material of this go-kart is mainly rubber at the edge.

However, the body mainly consists of steel. This gives the kart quite a robust structure, and since it’s pretty lightweight, you can easily have reasonable control over this vehicle.

Key Features

  • The driving experience of this go-kart is authentic with the pedal
  • No battery and wire connections are needed
  • Pedals are race-inspired, and the hand brake is of 8-ball order
  • Pedal-push sprocket is available

Things We Love About This Go Kart

Well, you can use this go-kart both indoors and outdoors. This is because the speed of this can be low and controlled. Thus, there is almost no chance of getting hit. Moreover, you would even get an ergonomic seat that is adjustable and relatively easy to alter. And that’s not all; a high backrest also lets you lean at ease while driving.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

At times, the rod that holds up the steering becomes wobbly. As a result, you may have an issue riding the go-kart after a certain time.


Yes, there might be some issues, but these are fixable. So, overall, it can be a terrific product compared to its price.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart (Under $200)

Hauck Batmobile is the perfect pick for you if you are a fan of batman. You would get this entirely black with the icons of batman.

Since it’s made of rubber materials, your 4 to 8 years’ will simply love it. Moreover, as no battery charging is required, you won’t need to take much of a hassle.

Key Features

  • The hardware and other bolts have to be assembled
  • It requires no type of power
  • The speed of this kart entirely depends on your pedals

Things We Love About This Go Kart

Since the speed entirely depends on the pedals, it’s pretty safe for your kids to ride. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to assemble, and the hard brakes of this kart are remarkable.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

The front shield of this go-kart may be something you would not like. This is because there are times when the front panel might come off.


So, if you are looking for a go-kart that operates easily with handbrakes, go with this kart. Whether you consider the looks or the safety, this kart will undoubtedly be a fantastic pick for your kids.

Hauck Sirocco Racing Go Kart (Under $250)

This Hauch go-kart is made of materials with plastic and rubber. Thus, this is not brittle with properties.

It’s comparatively more durable than most go-karts, and the front panel also looks pretty interesting. As far as the assembling is concerned, yes, you need to assemble it before use.

Key Features                              

  • It has no battery requirements
  • Visible graphics on the front panel
  • Low profile wheels having 2 bearings
  • Adjustable seats with high backrests

Things We Love About This Go Kart

The assembly of this go-kart is really simple and quick to do. In addition, this go-kart is very sturdy and durable. Moreover, kids would love the overall design and texture of this go-kart.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

If your child is taller than a typical 8-year-old, you may not prefer this since taller kids have been reported to face issues riding it. This is mainly due to their knees continuously touching the steering wheel.


Now, if you’re planning to get a quick-assembling go-kart, this can be your ideal pick. Not only does it come within budget, but even has an astounding design and looks.

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart (Under $300)

This go-kart under $300 is entirely made of steel. The only rubber portions you will get are on the tire. You’ll find placeholders, brackets, and darts in this kart. Moreover, this go-kart can also hold up to around 55 kg of mass. And it’s also pretty simple to take care of the speed with this kart.

Key Features

  • Rims with nerf-orange themes
  • Low-profile tires
  • Handbrake race-styled pedals
  • High-functioning speed controllable mechanism

Things We Love About This Go Kart

This go-kart is significant and stable enough even to hold an average adult. So, without question, a teenager can even enjoy riding this kart. Moreover, the overall race-styled pedals make it an ideal pick for riders to keep their speed under control. You also read our top 5 chosen teenager go kart article.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

The hood of this go-kart tends to come off at times, which could be problematic, especially when riding at high speed.


So, if you prefer easy and simple kart control, then this can be the best pick for you. And this has even got some privileges for Nerf fans too!

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart (Under $400)

Radio Flyer comes in red and black colors that resemble the actual sporting car feel. Moreover, the kart is a great pick, especially if you love drifting. Despite such sporty features, the kart is super safe to control, and you won’t need to worry about trips and falls.

Key Features

  • Rubber traction on the front tires allows the kart to drift and stay in control
  • Has a parent-controlled speed lock
  • This kart has 3 forward-driving speeds
  • Powered and operated by a 24-volt battery

Things We Love About This Go Kart

The looks and design of this kart are indeed splendid. Moreover, you can even ride this for at least 2 hours with a single charge. Not to forget that it is simple to assemble too.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

The charger cable seems to have issues at times. So, you may need to replace the cable within a few months.


This can be the one if you are looking for a parent-controlled go-kart! Whether it be the speedy feel or the high-safety measures, Radio Flyer always comes at the top.

Buddy B-Orange Pedal Go Kart (Under $500)

Buddy B-Orange go-kart is full of metal coverage and has an aesthetic design and look that makes it different from any traditional go-kart. The framework and structure of this go-kart are also pretty sturdy, ensuring remarkable durability. And to add the cherry on top, this go-kart is super-easy to assemble.

Key Features

  • Pedals with optimum braking and reversing mechanism
  • It has got an adjustable seat with a small backrest
  • The swing axle generates articulation adding an astounding safety feature

Things We Love About This Go Kart

The first thing you would love about this kart is its multiple-mechanism pedals. So, you can easily pull the brakes and even reverse them without any hassle whatsoever. Moreover, it’s super easy to operate, and it’s not going to be rocket science for your kids!

Things We Need You to Watch Out

The wheels’ spikes might break if excessive force is exerted on them. So, it’s recommended not to put too much pressure.


Without question, this is a remarkable go-kart. Whether you go for the mechanism or the overall design, this go-kart can be an ideal pick. Although the wheel spikes might not be able to take excessive loads, if you’re careful, this can be one of the best karts to have.

Razor 12V Crazy Cart Shift (Under $600)

If your kids are under 6, this is the go-kart you can think of having. The looks and overall design of this kart are indeed splendid. Moreover, it is easy to control even for 6 years old. This kart requires a battery to make the rides more fun, and these batteries are rechargeable. So, no hassle to buy or replace batteries once in a while!

Key Features

  • The rear drifts alter automatically as required
  • Fixed incline maintains the right balance of drift and drive
  • 12V lead-acid cells ensure efficiency
  • High-durable and powerful motors used

Things We Love About This Go Kart

If you go for this go-kart, you are out of any issues with chains, sprockets, etc. Moreover, your child would even get a simple and user-friendly go-kart to ride. As the drifting of this kart is super smooth, kids will surely enjoy it. Moreover, the compact size of this kart lets you keep it anywhere in your space.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

One of the drawbacks of this kart is that it lasts 35 minutes with a single charge. And this can hinder the fun of your kid at times.


This go-kart’s overall texture and design are, without question, splendid! And we think your kid would also love this kart’s overall mechanism and function.

BERG Pedal Kart Rally Orange (Under $700)

One of the best things about this go-kart is that it’s pretty comfortable to use, and you can adjust the steering wheel and seat according to your need. Moreover, the BFR mechanism of the pedal also makes it an astounding addition to the kart. And even if you consider the stability, this kart is truly remarkable.

Key Features

  • High-functioning BFR (braking, forwarding, and reversing) system enabled
  • Good stability with four rubber-tired wheels
  • Pneumatic tires with metallic rims

Things We Love About This Go Kart

With this go-kart, you can easily pedal and brake without much of an issue. Moreover, the tires have pneumatic properties, giving you a smooth ride. Not just that, the sizing of this go-kart is also very flexible to adjust.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

This go-kart is comparatively heavy. So, your child may not be able to ride this very easily. It may even seem quite sturdy to move at times.


The super BFR system makes it a top-kart for you. And as far as the overall tire smoothness is concerned, this can be a fun ride. However, there are times when your little one might face issues with the overall weight! 

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart (Under $800)

This go-kart under $800 is the one with a perfect budget. So, you can expect good value propositions from it. This Segway go-kart has a sturdy plastic and metal body, making it super durable. Moreover, the overall size is also pretty large, allowing even adults to enjoy it.

Another fact that we liked about this kart is that its parts are portable and can be assembled anywhere.

Key Features

  • A high steering proportion of 2:1:1
  • Rider’s built-in safety seatbelt
  • Adjustable frame length from 4’3″ to 6’5″.

Things We Love About This Go Kart

This go-kart can reach a speed of around 17 km per hour. And with a single charge, you can ride for like 13.7 miles. Moreover, the frame length and steering wheel are super flexible to adjust. So, you can alter it according to age.

Things We Need You to Watch Out

According to some users, the manual’s guide is not clear. So, it’s quite possible that you may face issues while assembling this go-kart.


With a super easy adjustable frame and steering, you would want to have this go-kart for sure. The sturdy design and portable kart parts make it a great choice for anyone.

Hover-1 Electric Go-Kart (Under $1000)

This product is one of the best go-karts you can have within this budget. It’s jam-packed with different features, and you even have built-in LCD monitors to give you a natural car feel.

You can easily alter the speed and maintain them while looking at the LCD display. And that’s not all; you even get to the direction indications too!

Key Features

  • Stunning speed control
  • You can monitor speed and battery level with its LCDs
  • Can reach the typical highest range of speed of go-karts
  • Availability of disk brakes

Things We Love About This Go Kart

This can reach about 25 km per hour, which is its highest speed. So, you can ride it quite fast to get an actual sports car vibe. The sturdy structure of this kart can easily take up to 330 lbs.

Moreover, you can have a straight run down of 28 km with just a single charge. The disc brakes even ensure superb riding and braking control.

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Things We Need You to Watch Out

The body of this go-kart is a bit heavier than the usual ones. So, it might be a challenge for your kid to move at times.


If you have a very good budget, you should not avoid the opportunity to have this. The kart is packed with different features and gives a real-life sporting exercise to all!

What to Consider Before Buying a Go Kart?

Buying a go-kart is not like a random “1-time” thing. You need to consider certain things, whether you buy a brand-new go-kart or even a second-handed one. So, through this section, our experts will guide you with all the possible checklists that you need to see before taking a go-kart.


Without question, go-karts are of several types. Yes, they may look similar to an extent, but they aren’t! There are mainly 4 types of karts you can buy.

The two main common karts are the open and caged ones. However, straight chassis and offset chassis are now gaining popularity too.

Although all these types are similar, they have different functions and purposes. So, it’s a must that you know which type is best for what reasons and how it can be beneficial to you. Therefore, always look for the types before making a pick.


Once you get your preferred type, you need to look at the prices now. You simply won’t go and grab the one that wipes out your pockets, right?

Go-kart prices generally vary a lot. Like, you get a price range, but the range itself is pretty huge at times. So, need to ascertain that the price goes along with your type and budget. If not, you would need to move to a lower budget.

Experts’ Tip: You must ensure and check the prices before even shortlisting your desired karts’ list (if money is a factor for you).

Condition of the Complementary Parts

The engine of the go-kart is a vital factor, and you simply can’t overlook it (only if your kart has engines). But what most people forget due to excitement is to give a rundown of the other complementary parts that come along with the kart!

Without question, checking the other parts of the go-kart is as vital as checking the engine. This is because your kart doesn’t only operate because of the engine. Complementary parts like tires, wheels, throttle, and starter also play a vital role in giving you a steady and comfy ride.

So, you must always check for these additional parts and, if necessary, ask the seller to give you solid detail regarding their overall conditions and assurance.

Age of the Go-Kart (Only When Buying Used Ones)

This is not always applicable because people mostly think of getting a new go-kart. However, it is a common practice to get a used go-kart too.

And there is nothing wrong with it, as there are certain used-go karts that function well enough! So, if you’re planning to get an old go-kart, you must know how old it actually is.

You must ensure the go-kart is not old for more than a year or two. This is because experts suggest that go-karts don’t tend to perform well after that period.

Therefore, try to take the one less than a year old. In this case, you can use it for a reasonable amount of time (but you’ll never have the feel of a brand-new kart).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a very young child play with a go-kart vehicle?

It is better not to let a very young child play with a go-kart. It is because the impact or collision can be pretty detrimental. However, you may permit them if they are a bit mature. But do not forget to keep the speed low enough.

Do I need a battery on the go-kart?

Well, it depends on the type of go-kart you pick. The electric ones require a battery, but the ones with pedals don’t require such an energy source (and that’s why they’re comparatively affordable).

Do the go-kart vehicles last long enough?

Yes, a go-kart vehicle can last long enough. However, to ensure their longevity, you also need to maintain them regularly. Usually, a go-kart can easily last more than 5 years.

Are electric go-karts good?

Yes, electric go-karts are good to go with too. Although regular go-kart vehicles are common, these also gained popularity in the past years. Moreover, electric go-karts are generally expensive.

Can electric go-karts be as long-lasting as regular ones?

Yes, electric go-karts can be as long-lasting as regular ones. These can be even more durable than the regular ones at times.

Bottom Line

So, after going through our best go-kart under 1000 dollar, we believe you can now make your ideal pick. Well, all these mentioned karts are astounding in their own ways and have pretty remarkable features.

However, among all these products, Hover-1 Electric Go-Kart is without question one of the best picks. It has stunning speed, and safety features, making it a beast in the market.

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