Top 5 Best Go Kart for Teenagers in 2024

Go-karting is quite popular among teenagers. It brings excitement, fulfillment, and happiness, shows an exuberant personality, and lets you have fun with friends and family. Since being an outdoor activity in this era of technology where teenagers are often found using electronic devices at home. It provides them an opportunity to bond with the outside world and make new friends.

As a go-kart enthusiast, go-karting has been embedded in my life since I was a teenager. Our weekends are fully packed with go-karts racing and their maintenance, and from all those years of experience.

I can say that go-karting is one of the best learning experiences for teenagers as it teaches them the following traits.

  • Good Sportsmanship
  • May help prepare your teen for driving
  • Confidence builder
  • Leads to better reflexes
  • Helps you connect with your family
  • Team building experience

We will analyze some of the best go-karts for young adults ranging from 13 to 18. So, let’s dive deep into the paper and stay tuned.

Segway Ninebot Electric Go-Kart for Teenagers

A predicament of excellency and technological advancement, Segway Ninebot comes in two-item bundles.

  • Segway Ninebot S and S max – A self-balancing electric scooter compatible with a go-kart kit.
  • Segway Ninebot Electric Drift Kit – An outdoor pedal race car attached to Ninebot S will work as a fully functional go-kart.

Based on a unique and exciting idea, the drift kit is a frame designed to be incompatible with ninebot s, which acts like a hoverboard separately. But attaching both makes it a robust go-kart that can reach speeds up to 10MPH in a short period.

A perfect joyride for teenagers who are looking to make their rides exciting and full of thrill.

Segway Ninebot Electric Go Kart for teenager

Key features

  • Engine Specification: 400W Electric Dual Motor
  • Seat Capacity: Single Seating Capacity 
  • Power Source: Electric Powered
  • Recommended Age: Unisex-Adult
  • Range (Single Charge): 13.7 miles
  • Load Capacity: 220lbs
  • Top Speed: 15 MPH

Consisting of a handful of great features and a well-designed structure. I can say that Ninebot electric kart is the best electric kart for teenagers. An adjustable frame and a maximum capacity of 220lbs make it suitable for even those teenagers who are tall.

A fun, enjoyable ride can pertain on Ninebot as it has a mechanical handbrake that lets you drift naturally, being in control of your speed. One additional feature is the unique reverse capability, and many other go-karts in the market don’t have a feature.

Safety features – The kart focuses on Safety features and hence comes with dual-layer impact protection that keeps you safe in case of any unforeseen accident. It also features a dual braking system, including a hand brake and a pedal brake.

Dimensions – Since the Ninebot has an adjustable frame and steering, its size can be slightly more flexible than other go-karts. The Dimensions are as follows:

  • Before extension: 40×32×18 in (1004×822×459 mm)
  • After elongation: 54×32×24 in (1383×822×600 mm)

This can accommodate teenage riders from 4’3 inches to 6’5 inches tall.

Top Speed – Due to the dual motor 400W capacity of Ninebot S, the go-kart can quickly reach a max speed of 15 MPH. A single charge can take you up to a range of 13.7 miles but ensure that the elevation should not exceed more than 15°.

Things I loved about this go-kart

  • The go-kart can be easily assembled. Strap your Ninebot S to the frame, adjust the height and fly off.
  • It comes with a 400W dual electric motor, which ensures that it can run for an extended period, reach up to 15 MPH, and adjusts steering.
  • The output has a plastic layer that can absorb energy and reduce the accidental impact force.
  • A collapsible trait that ensures portability and can be fitted into car trunks.

Things I need you to watch out for

  • Since the go-kart is electric-powered, recharge it before driving out. Also, when driving, be wary of the range limit.
  • Ninebot can be expensive, so make sure it is within your budget.

Coleman Powersports Gas Power Go Kart for Teenager

A perfect blend of affordability combined with the utmost most outstanding build quality. The KT196 is one of its kind picks and one of the best value for money among my choices.

Driving KT196 gives a sense of nostalgic feel. It’s reliable, affordable, and can be made for fun for the entire family. It has dual seat capacity; hence you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family and go for a ride.

A solid build quality, durable design, and noticeable other features promise safety, speed thrills, and countless hours of fun for any terrain.

Coleman Powersports Gas Power Go Kart for Teenager

Key Features

  • Engine Specification: 196cc, 4-Stroke 6.5 HP Engine
  • Seat Capacity: Dual Seating Capacity (with safety seat belts)
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Suspension: Torque Convertor
  • Recommended Age: 13+
  • Load Capacity: 400lbs
  • Top Speed: 15 MPH

An ergonomic seating arrangement ensures that long drives will be as comfortable as possible. Easy-to-reach accelerator and brake pedals. A smooth steering wheel makes KT196 can be handled easily and has a smooth drive making teenagers opting it more often than other go-karts.

Driving KT196 is intuitive and straightforward for teenagers, and all controls are easily accessible and drive-centric.

Safety features – The dual seats come with a 4-point safety harness. Which is more secure than standard seat belts to ensure that you are glued to your go-kart when going on a bumpy ride. It also features a durable steel-made roll cage for extra added protection.

Dimensions – The go-kart has a dimensional area of Length of 58.5″ x Width of 43″ x Height of 36″, making it quite spacious even for adults as well, so you won’t feel confined. The go-kart has a ground clearance of 4″, ensuring that it can even drive on uneven terrain and no damage will be dealt to the undercarriage.

Top Speed – KT196 has a 4-stroke OHV 6.5 HP engine making it quite powerful. It will power through the trail all day while also being Fuel efficient. The engine can rev up to 3600 rpm and achieve a top speed of 34 MPH, which is quite a thrill for teenagers.

Things I loved about this go-kart

  • It comes with an additional 4-point safety harness far superior to regular seat belts, ensuring you are safe and secure in the go-kart.
  • The go-kart is built upon toughness and can carry loads of weight, so you and your friends can go with some baggage on long drives.
  • Though it has a powerful engine with a high max speed, it doesn’t mean it isn’t Fuel efficient. It has a fuel capacity of 3.6 liters.
  • The go-kart comes with a hydraulic disk brake system; hence, it stops when you want it to, even in rainy conditions.
  • It is the best value for money compared to other go-karts.

Things you need to watch out for

  • Keep a check on Fuel in the go-kart since it is gas-powered. Constantly fuel up the tank before taking it for a ride.
  • Oil maintenance from time to time will be necessary for KT196. This will add to maintenance costs.
  • KT196 go-kart doesn’t come with headlights or fog lights, making driving dangerous at night.

TWO DOTS Go-Kart Kit for 13-Year-Olds

With a unique and sleek design, A embodiment of creativity and intuitive idea, the Two Dot go-kart kit is the perfect ride for teenagers growing up every day. Its adjustable frame makes sure that it’s a fit for all ages.

If you want to enjoy a fun-packed day outdoor, putting a massive smile on your face and your friends and family, then you must have hands-on experience with this go-kart.

One of the best features of this go-kart kit is that it is compatible with most of the hoverboards available on the market (except for Ninebot S). Make your Two dots an excellent fun ride, attaching it with steering wheels with a hoverboard, making it super fun and exciting for both hoverboard and go-kart users.

TWO DOTS Go-Kart Kit For 13-Year-Olds

Key Features

  • Engine Specification: Depends on whichever hoverboard you attach it with
  • Seat Capacity: Single Seating Capacity
  • Power Source: Electric Powered
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Load Capacity: 200lbs
  • Top Speed: 10-15 MPH (depends on Hoverboard)
  • Suggested Rider Height: 51-79 in (130-200 cm)
  • Adjustable Kart Length: 200mm

One of the best go-karting kits if you have to spice up your hoverboard life. With a compatible go-kart attachment, a Hydraulic disk brake system, and upgraded shock absorbers making the ride elegant and smooth. All safety features make it an ultimate asset for a hoverboard.

One of the simple yet quite valuable features is that it can easily be set up and upgraded. Attaching the hoverboard is as easy as eating a cake; strap it in place and drive, and when you need more speed, upgrade it.

Safety Features – Safety is essential to all of us whether teenagers or adults. This go-kart comes with a shock absorber, significantly reducing bumpy roads’ impact. The ergonomic seat makes you easily sit, giving you a smooth ride while supporting your back. It also comes with high-quality disc brakes; hence you don’t have to rely on hoverboard brakes.

Dimensions – Since the Two dots have an adjustable frame and steering, hence its size can be a little flexible; the Dimensions are as follows:

  • Before extension: 43×27.5×19.7 in (1100×700×500 mm)
  • After elongation: 51.2×27.5×19.7 in (1300×700×500 mm)

This can accommodate teenage riders from 4’25 inches to 6’5 inches tall.

Top Speed – The top speed of Two Dots go-kart depends on the hoverboard it is attached to. If you feel that the maximum speed of the go-kart is insufficient and speed thrills you even more, as it does with most teenagers, you have to upgrade the Hoverboard, and you are all set to go.

Things I loved about this go-kart

  • Emission-free and environment-friendly go-kart, making its epitome of technological advancement.
  • It has an easy-to-drive control system, even for teenagers, and has quite an efficient braking system that will make you safe and secure.
  • It can be easily assembled with a hoverboard, simple as eating a cake.
  • It has an anti-vibrating seat, making your ride as smooth as possible.

Things you need to watch out for

  • Since the go-kart is electric and powered, keep its battery level in check before going for long drives.
  • This go-kart won’t work with Hoverboard if you exceed the weight limit, so be vigilant about that.

MOTO TEC Off-Road Go-Kart for 14-Year-Olds

An Ultimate ride for Teenagers, with a powerful, backed-up 48v and 1000-watt motor. A mode of fun and excitement for a long-lasting hour. Designed for off-road, it can withstand any terrain and will let you feel exuberant and alive.

Being an electric-powered go-kart ensures that it bonds with nature and is emission-free so that you can drive it around without a worry in the world. The charging time is approximately 4 to 6 hours. This go-kart offers one of the finest qualities built at this price and is an economical go-kart for teenagers.

MOTO TEC Off-Road Go-Kart for 14-Year-Olds

Key Features

  • Engine Specification: 1000W, 48V (Brushless Motor)
  • Seat Capacity: Single Seating Capacity
  • Power Source: Electric Powered
  • Recommended Age: 13+
  • Load Capacity: 120lbs
  • Top Speed: 20MPH
  • Transmission: Chain Drive
  • Range (Single Charge):  10-15 miles (terrain dependent)

Moto Tec off-road go-karts come with four 12v lead acid batteries. Make them long-lasting so that you can have jam-packed outdoor fun and don’t need to charge them repeatedly. The go-kart is installed with a hydraulic braking system on the rear tires giving it the necessary control drive. So you control the go-kart and not the other way around.

The go-kart comes with a reverse capability feature, which is not present in the most recent go-karts. One of quite generous packages is that the manufacturers give you a 90-day warranty to replace any parts damaged in this period when you buy the go-kart.

I would recommend this go-kart for teenagers as it’s one of the best value-added go-karts available at this price, and you need to experience the drive on hand, so don’t wait and order one away.

Safety Features – The go-kart has plenty of features that will make you feel safe and protected. It is installed with a padded steering wheel, a roll bar cage, seat belts, and a rugged and sturdy frame, so it is durable.

Dimensions – The go-kart has a wheel size of 13 inches. The go-kart has a dimensional area of Length 53″ x Width 34″ x Height 25″ making it quite spacious even for teenagers who are growing up as well.

Top Speed – One of the features of this go-kart is that it lets you be in control of the speed. By using batteries, you can vary the speed at your command. The speed set can be 10 MPH and 15 MPH, and the max it can go is 25 MPH.

Things I loved about this go-kart

  • The thing I love most about the go-kart is that it lets you control the speed, for those teenagers who thrill at high speed can make the go-kart go fast, and for new beginners, one can drive it at low speeds.
  • It is pretty spacious for a single person sitting, and you don’t feel confined in space and have plenty of room to grow.
  • The go-kart has plenty of safety features installed for you, which made me feel safe, and I could drive freely.
  • The go-kart can drive up on almost any terrain and weather condition and is an economical buy.

Things you need to watch out for

  • Since the go-kart is lead acid battery operated, you need to check the battery’s water level, and oil maintenance is also required from time to time.
  • Be vigilant of the charging time and range left for the go-kart when driving, as it will be a bit of a hassle if the battery runs down.

Coleman Powersports 98cc Go-Kart for 15-Year-Olds

One of the elite gas-powered go-karts out there for teenagers who are 15 years old. This will surely pack a punch with its speed thrills, as this go-kart can reach up to 25 MPH. But don’t worry it comes intact with all the safety features including seat belts, utility rack, etc.

It is the best go-kart for 15-year-old who want long hours of fun and excitement at an economical price and yet a sleek single-rider kart design.

Coleman Powersports 98cc Go-Kart for 15-Year-Olds

Key Features

  • Engine Specification: 98cc 3hp Engine, Fully Automatic, 4-Stroke OHV Cylinder
  • Seat Capacity: Single Seating Capacity (with 4-point Harness)
  • Power Source: Gasoline powered
  • Recommended Age: 13+
  • Suspension: Torque Convertor (CVT System)
  • Load Capacity: 150lbs
  • Top Speed: 25 MPH

A perfect combination of excitement and thrill for 15-year-olds! I would recommend this go-kart as one of the finest in its category of gas-powered go-karts. It comes with an efficient front and rear suspension system which combined with hydraulic disk brakes brings about a smooth and elegant ride for you.

Comfortable seats with adjustable seat belts feature for those teenagers who need a little bit more room growing up.

Safety Features – Built with a heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tabular structure and installed with a rugged proven clutch drive and chain ensuring durability and toughness. It also comes with bolstered seats and a 4-point safety harness which will make you glued to your seat.

Safety is the first priority so the go-kart also comes equipped with a heavy-duty paddled roll cage for added protection. One of the best features is that the go-kart comes with a pre-installed kill switch which instantly turns the engine off.

Dimensions – The go-kart has a dimensional area of Length of 57″, Width of 38″, and Height of 27”.

Top Speed – The go-kart can reach more than 25 MPH. Low-pressure tires are added for stability and cruise control even on rugged terrains.

Things I loved about this go-kart

  • Can withstand all the trails, even the most rugged ones, hence the fun never stops.
  • A fun-packed ride with speed thrills.
  • Offers both safety and security with safety parts and features installed.
  • The go-kart has a Push button kill switch, which instantly turns the engine off in any emergency situation.

Things I need you to watch out for

  • Since the go-kart has high top speeds, the driver must be equipped with all the safety equipment for example helmets, and have a bit of experience.
  • Since the go-kart is gasoline powered make sure to keep its tank limit in check as you don’t want to be disappointed during all the fun.

Buying Guide – Making your decision easier

Since there are plenty of go-karts for Teenagers in the market. In the article above, consider what would be best for a teenager and stepping in their shoes. I have created the list for you after much research, thought and consideration.

No one go-kart can full fill all the specifications and needs. Each has unique and different aspects it covers, so you need to cherry-pick which go-kart suits you the best for you.

To make your purchasing decision more accessible, we will investigate the following considerations you need to watch out for before buying.


Power – (Electric Engine vs. Petrol Engine) Most go-karts have gas or electric engine, each having its benefits and qualities.

Gas Engine – Characteristics Electric Engine – Characteristics
Requires Internal combustion Brushless motors
Requires petrol Lead Acid batteries
Long range Shorter range
Not environment friendly Environment friendly
More noise Less noise

I have listed down the characteristics of both types of engines. Teenagers can consider them depending on their needs and can buy whichever suits them best.

Safety Features

Teenagers should always take safety as their number 1 priority; generally, most go-karts are already installed with safety equipment that keeps them well protected. The standard safety equipment you need to look for is seat belts, headlights, tail lights, a flag for visibility, a roll cage (if available), a good suspension shock absorber, and an excellent braking system.

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Age group

Each go-kart has been designed for a specific age group. The go-karts mentioned above are for teenagers ranging from 12+, and adults can also use some. So be wary of the age group when buying the go-kart also. Make sure about the dimensions of the go-kart as compared to your height, as teenagers are growing up and have variable height sizes.


The design of the go-kart is a personal preference of many teenagers as each individual has different designs they are attracted to. Still, the most common distinction would be the style of the go-kart and the shape. Some might have a bulkier build, some have a broader stance, and some have cool new LEDs and RGB light systems with different colors.


I hope this guide and the go-kart list will help you make an informed decision, especially for teenagers who are beginning their journey as go-karting adventurers. There are plenty of go-kart models that are mentioned, containing many factors that can decide whether good fit for your needs. I hope you enjoyed the read, Happy go-karting!

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