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Hello Folks, my name is Mesha Macauley, your neighborhood go-karting enthusiast, I just love motor racing and motorsports which especially includes go-karting, the thrill of enjoying, and driving the go-kart with winds brushing against your face gives me butterflies. Usually, you will find me on go-kart tracks either driving or tuning my go-kart. So, one can say I am a crazy go-kart fan and personally I own multiple categories of go-karts ranging from Low-speed Vehicles to Off-Road go-karts.

My go-karting experience would be around 20+ years as I owned my first go-kart when I was 13, what started as just for fun became my passion and I loved riding or tuning my go-kart to their desired needs, I loved every minute of it. I started out making guides for those new entries in the sports of go-karting to provide them a head start and have a right pathway making them avoid mistakes which I did initially so that’s the start of my go-karting journey.

What do the Go-Kart Guides entail?

After my countless hours spent on research on various types of go-karts like how to modify them, tune them, make their performances better, the types of brakes, engine power, which go-kart to buy, age limits, speed limits, and various other factors which one needs to know before entering the go-kart world, I can proud myself on I now have an ample amount of knowledge to guide myself and others around me, influencing them on not to repeat the mistakes I did.

I might say that I am not just a book worm, apart from research and theory-based analyses I have also gained practical experience over the past 20 years spending countless hours either tuning or testing my upgraded go-kart. I started helping those around me like my fellow peers and family members on every aspect of go-kart let it be documentation or simply choosing the right go-kart to buy.

After a few months of helping my close friends and family members, I realized that there might be many more go-karting fans either existing one or those who want to enter this field but is too wary of the starting point and needs a mentor/guide for a right pathway. Hence, I created a user-friendly website for those who in general love go-karting and would want to know about various aspects to make their calculated decisions.

My website has two purposes, one is to guide others, and the second is to provide me a platform the express my love and knowledge about go-karts, On my website you will find articles, blogs, and exciting and updated news about the world of go-karting which is backed by years of practice and hundreds of hours of research. No matter whether you own a go-kart, or you just want to know about go-karting and thinking about starting your go-kart journey there will always be amazing content for you on this website.

Below are the few articles I wrote for fellow go-karts enthusiasts like me,


I have provided a details description of various equipment and the classes that you need to
consider depending on your use of the go-kart.


Step-by-step instruction on various safety parts considerations, including speed limits, additional parts that needed to be installed, and how to make one self-protected during your go-kart rides. My article also includes those parts that are needed to make your go-karts street legal.


An exquisite guide on various accessories that have been tried and tested by my personnel experience.


A detailed and well-researched guide on multiple go-karting topics ranging from different classes to govt laws for go-karts.


The right product reviews to buy for your go-karts.

My Writing Style

I often include my articles with visuals and easy-to-read simple texts, which are easier to understand, although my articles are heavily backed by technical knowledge and in-depth research providing references whenever necessary.

I try to keep my articles less opinionated as I can make my end users decide for themselves, all my guides are some way or another based on my personal experience which I have gained over the past 20 years.

During your read on my articles if you find any query or my articles raises a question in your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact or get in touch with me.

I hope you enjoyed it!

I would like to really thank you that you made it this far reading my article, I hope to provide you a go-kart guide that will be one of all solutions for all your go-karting needs, I hope you enjoy the content and my writing style you would find on my website.

See you later and have a great time.